Welcome James Goodey!

James Goodey - drummer with Hargreaves

James Goodey – drummer with Hargreaves

Hargreaves announces new Drummer

We’re really pleased to announce that James Goodey has agreed to be our new drummer and full member of Hargreaves.

James will be our drummer for all live gigs and records, and will also be contributing guitar parts on future recordings.

James on James

“I’ve been playing drums for nine years. I took lessons shortly after starting, and passed the Trinity College Grade 8 exam last year. Picked up guitar about six years ago, and I have become mildly proficient at that.

I have been gigging in the Braintree area for the last six years playing drums in a cover band playing a wide range of music.

I taught at a drum academy in Colchester for a several years and now teach from my home.

I’m mostly interested in listening to rock and blues, but I am very happy to listen to, and play, most styles of music.”


James has loads of influences in common with other band members, and describes his taste in music as ‘everything from Iron Maiden to The Spinners‘, but particularly highlights Bellowhead, Queen and Steve Earle.

For more information or to book Hargreaves, call 07432 189 149 or go to Contact Us.

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