Looking for bookings!

Seeking gigs

So we’ve got our line-up settled, we’ve written new material, rehearsed old favourites and built a new website. Now all we need is some gigs.

Call Chris Webb for bookings and mor einformation


For an ‘originals’ band, we’ve played a pretty wide variety of gigs in the past, including; 3 festivals, 2 weddings, pubs and clubs all over Yorkshire and the North East and a charity ball in Dublin.

We are a 5-piece band, but if you’re a small venue we can adapt. We prefer small back-line amps (you can always mic them), and we can use an electronic drum kit (with a volume control), or even play all acoustic with a Cahjon, and we can play set from 6 to 24 songs.

If you’d like to discuss Hargreaves bookings for any type of gig, please call us to discuss your requirements, or go to the Contact Us page for other ways to find us.


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