Eric James joins Hargreaves

Hargreaves – now with extra guitar

Anyone who has ever listened to our recordings will spot that there are always lots of guitars doing lots of different things. Anyone who has seen us play live recently will have noted that we only have one guitarist. Well not anymore!

Following Kate Kustova’s unexpected departure, we decided to fill the gap with a 2nd guitarist rather than a keyboardist. Eric played for us at Heditude and has since agreed to join the band as a permanent member.

Eric brings years of experience to the band, as well as backing vocals, songwriting skills, and great guitar playing. His style is very different from Iulian’s so now we can cover a wider range of our recorded guitar parts while playing live. We have a bigger, punchier sound and we look forward to playing many gigs with the new line-up.

Hargreaves - Eric James

Eric James

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