All About Hargreaves


Hargreaves plays blues, country, soul and pop music with a distinctive sound and style. The band write original songs, and rearrange songs that mean something special to them.

Hargreaves draws from a wide range of musical influences, including artists such as; Gretchen Peters, Steve Earle, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Brandi Carlile, Pink, Queen, Cold Play, Thin Lizzy, Dixie Chicks and Eric Clapton. Varied, but always music that stirs the heart.

Latest recording

Click here to listen to our version of Brandi Carlile’s song, “Hiding My Heart,” from our forthcoming album.


Please go to our Recent recordings page to hear other new tracks.


Hargreaves is a five-piece band, supplemented by other musicians for recordings and larger gigs.

Marie Honeyfield - Vocalist - Hargreaves

Marie Honeyfield

Kate Kustova - Keyboards and vocals - Hargreaves

Kate Kustova

Iulian Popescu - Guitars - Hargreaves

Iulian Popescu


James Goodey - Drums - Hargreaves

James Goodey

Chris Webb - Guitars & Bass - Hargreaves

Chris Webb

Play List

Here’s a sample of our current and previous work. You can find ‘Sooner But Not Later‘ and the ‘Long, Hard Road‘ EP on Apple Music and iTunes, though we’re not sure who’s collecting the royalties these days (doesn’t seem to be us). We’ll be releasing a new 10-track album during spring 2018. Meantime, please enjoy these tracks for free on our website.


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