All About Hargreaves


‘Hargreaves’ plays breezy Americana music with blues, soul and funk influences and a distinctive sound and style.

We write original songs and rearrange songs that mean something special to us. We draw inspiration from a wide range of musicians, including; Steve Earle, Pink, Queen, Thin Lizzy, Chicks, Boo Hewerdine, Bill Withers, Cyndi Lauper, Kate Bush, Clyde Stubblefield, Bernard Purdie, Herbie Hancock, George Benson, and Eric Clapton. Varied, but always music that stirs our hearts.

It’s been a Long, Hard Road, and we’ve had a couple of tough years with unexpected changes of line-up, illnesses and other problems, but we’re back on track now, and despite COVID, were’re recording a new album. We hope to be back gigging in some shape or form later this year.

This website holds songs, recordings, photos and memories for you to enjoy from 14-years of Hargreaves. See you again sometime this year, once we’ve been Kissed Better and Sent on Our Way.


We are :

Photo of Hargreaves Claire Jarvis - vocals

Claire Jarvis – Vocals

Photo - Hargreaves - Tania Delapena - Vocals, keyboards and behine-the-scenes stuff

Tandela – Vocals and keyboards

Photo - Iulian Popescu - Guitars

Iulian Popescu – Guitars

Photo - Chris Webb - Guitars and Bass

Chris Webb – Guitars and Bass

Photo - Liam Mabbatt - drums

Liam Mabbatt – drums

Play List

Here’s a sample of our current and previous work. You can find ‘Sooner But Not Later‘ and the ‘Long, Hard Road‘ EP on Apple Music and iTunes, though we’re not sure who’s collecting the royalties these days (doesn’t seem to be us). Meantime, please enjoy these tracks for free on our website. Other tracks are available elsewhere in the site.

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