Lauren Woolley

All about Lauren

Name = Lauren Woolley

What the band call me = Dolly

Age = 25

What do you do in Hargreaves? = Play Sax, Trumpet, Keyboards and Sing (maybe also a bit of guitar and flute)

Day job = Maths teacher 

Where do I live = Bury St Edmunds

Where am I from = Burton on Trent 

When I joined the band = March (I think) 2019

Pet’s name = Boris (Labrador retriever)

Car’s name – Tallulah 

Favourite band or musician (other than Hargreaves) = John Newman ❤️❤️

Favourite song, record or piece of music = Tiny Dancer (Elton John)

Favourite film = Shawshank Redemption

Favourite sportsman/woman = David Seaman 

Stupidest thing you admit to doing = Walking into a mirror during an interview

Dream instrument = Cello 

Anything else? = Nope

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