Demos and unreleased

This page features a number of demo recordings, unreleased material and bonus tracks


  • Written by Steve Earle
  • Vocals – Aneka Yeadon
  • Backing Vocals – Claire Ashton
  • Guitar – Chris Webb
  • Note – we originally intended for Aneka to sing lead vocals on Goodbye on the album, but she decided to leave the band before we released it, so we used a version with Claire singing solo instead.


Catastrophe – Solace Mix

This probably shouldn’t exist. Ian Hardcastle did an interesting edit of Catastrophe and put it over the titles of Quantum of Solace. He then sent it to the production company responsible for James Bond and got a ‘cease and desist’ letter from their solicitors – which was nice. The video also disappeared from a load of social media sites, but somehow managed to persist on YouTube.


(Bad,) Bad Girl – Disco Remix

Believe it or not, ‘(Bad,) Bad Girl’ went all disco in the hands of Ian Hardcastle. We put it on ‘Sooner But Not Later’ as a bonus track – much to the dismay of the reviewer on Blues Matter magazine.


Straytown Demo

Prior to ‘Sooner But Not Later’ which was released on Straytown Records, we created the ‘(Bad,) Bad Girl’ EP, and prior to that we created a little demo to help us get gigs. A couple of the tracks made it through to the EP and album.



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