A bit of history

A Band History in Images

Here’s a collection of photos and videos and some band history since the earliest days.

Blues Bar, Harrogate - 2nd September 2008

Blues Bar, Harrogate – 2nd September 2008

Claire Ashton

Claire Ashton

The original line-up was Claire Ashton (vocals, guitar, keyboards), James Healey (guitars), Dave Turner (drums), Chris Webb (bass, guitars) and Ali Ashton (backing vocals).

We recorded our first demos with Straytown Studios and started playing gigs in and around Harrogate, including a very successful fundraiser for Cancer Research UK and St Michael’s Hospice (Supporting Bluesville and Dan Burnett)

James Healey

James Healey

At the start of 2008, Dave Turner was replaced on drums by Stevie D. Aneka Yeadon joined for a short period on backing vocals.

Hargreaves performing at FEVA with Mike Simpson and Vince on guitar and drums

Hargreaves performing at FEVA with Mike Simpson and Vince on guitar and drums

We recorded the ‘(Bad,) Bad Girl’ EP and the album ‘Sooner But Not Later’ (which was named ‘Album of the Year’ by the Harrogate Advertiser), and (minus Stevie and James) played at FEVA – The Knaresborough Arts Festival.

Unfortunately, James left for a better day job in Manchester in 2009.

Chris and Claire, however, created the ‘Long, Hard Road’ EP with producer Dan Mizen.

Chris Webb - Hargreaves

Chris Webb

Soon after, Claire suffered an illness that affected her voice. By the time that was sorted she was expecting a baby and Chris had moved to Bristol and then Essex.

Iulian Popescu - Hargreaves

Iulian Popescu

Chris reformed the band with a new line-up and recorded some new material (see the Difficult (2nd Album) page).

We continued to perform the songs written by and with Claire and James, but now supplemented with songs by Marie Honeyfield and Chris.


The current line-up is Claire Jarvis (vocals) Tania Delapena (vocals and keyboards), Iulian Popescu (guitars) and Chris Webb (guitars. bass, vocals), and Liam Mabbatt (drums).

Click here for a bit more history, photos and acknowledgements for former members.



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