Instruments Played

Hargreaves has used a wide variety of instruments both live and in the studio, but here are the details of the main instruments played by the current line-up, former members and guest performers.

For those who are interested, our current gear and instruments used for recordings include:


  • Fender DG25S (Cedar-topped acoustic dreadnought – played in the studio by Chris – features in all recording sessions)
  • Jackson Dinky (metallic blue – Iulian’s main guitar)
  • Epiphone EJ-200 (2016 – sunburst – Iulian’s acoustic guitar)
  • Aria YS-300 (1981 – red – Chris’ current electric guitar)
  • Aria Elechord (1990 – sunburst – Chris’s live acoustic guitar)
  • Squire Bullet Strat (2015 – sunburst – used occasionally for slide)
  • B&M Espana (classical guitar played in the studio by Chris and Iulian – features in early recording sessions)
  • Aria 12-string (has Artec pick-up – played in the studio and at acoustic gigs by Chris)
  • PRS SE 245 (James Goodey)
  • Faith Venus HiGloss (James Goodey)
  • Fender DG27CES (Spruce-toped acoustic dreadnought with a Florentine cutaway and Fishman pick-up – played by James Healey and Chris)
  • Fender Stratocaster (’79 US made hard-tail – black – usually used for slide and studio work by Chris)
  • Fender Stratocaster (’07 Mexican – sunburst with HH pick-ups – James Healey’s main guitar)
  • Fender Telecaster (’08 Mexican – black – with a 4-way switch and reversed controls – was Chris’ main guitar, but also played by James Healey and Claire)
  • Fender Telecoustic (red – one of Claire’s live guitars)
  • Tanglewood Silver Series (red – Claire’s favourite live guitar)
  • Cruiser by Crafter (black with Artec 3-way pick-up – belongs to Georgie Webb – features in all early recording sessions and live gigs – played by everyone)


  • Aria SB-700 (1982 – Dark Oak finish – 34″ scale)
  • Aria SB R-60 (1983-ish – red – 34″ scale – usually played by Chris, but also by James on ‘Anymore’ and occasionally by Claire)
  • Cruiser by Crafter (32″ scale – used as a back-up, but also for ‘Dreams’ due to the shorter scale)


  • Mainly Yamaha PSR series, but also Korg and whatever else was in the studio.


  • Liam plays a Sonor ‘jungle’ kit and Roland V-Kit (electronic kit – meaning we can play as a full band at low volumes, or as loud as you like it).
  • Bodhrán – Stevie used a Bodhrán on ‘Catastrophe’
  • James played a Mapex Saturn kit with a mix of cymbals and good quality drum kit microphones, or a Roland V-Kit.
  • Other played all sorts of stuff – Stevie seemed to have a different kit every time we saw him. Vincent used Yamaha drums.

Amps & Mics

  • Fender Champ 110 (late ’90s) (Chris)
  • Fender Champ and Fender Hot Rod Deluxe -Valve – (Iulian)
  • Laney Richter 1×15 B4 165 watt bass amp with a home-made 1×15 extension speaker
  • Laney monitors
  • Sure SM58 and SM58 Beta mics
  • We have our own PA system for small venues and hire arrangements for large spaces
  • Carlsborough 1×12 50 watt valve combo (James Healey)
  • Line 6 Spider 2 30-watt combo (James Healey)


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