Privacy Policy

How we manage your data

To comply with the various data protection regulations and laws, we need to publish a Privacy Policy. This defines what data we hold, what we do with it, how you can access the data we hold about you, how we secure and store our data, and how you can determine what we do with that data. So, here is our Privacy Policy.

The data we hold

We don’t keep masses of data. We hold some contact details for pubs and venues, plus photos and personal details of current and past members of the band. Occasionally we will have contact details of other performers, usually when we are appearing alongside them or else seeking to work with them. We also hold details of the amazing recording and sound technicians we work with from time to time.

Outside of the data we hold directly, we do make use of Facebook, Twitter and sometimes other social media to contact individuals, or to post news.

What we do with data

Other than biographies of band members and recommendations of recording and sound technicians, all we really do with the data we hold is email or call to arrange a gig. What else do you think we would do with it?

How you can access the data we hold

Just ask. Email and we’ll send you any information we have on you held on behalf of the band (even if it’s held on behalf of the band by individual members.

How we secure and store data

Our website and any associated data are backed-up regularly. However, most contact information is actually personal to the individual members and used on behalf of the band by them. In this instance, we leave it to the individual to secure their data.

We run a site-specific Malware checking and fixing service over the website and the PCs used to modify the website.

Our website is hosted by a European web hosting company of long standing and good reputation.

How you can determine what we do with data about you

All data we have has been freely given to us or else obtained through easily accessed public sources. We absolutely hate the trade (legal or otherwise) in data and list broking and will never obtain data in that way.

If you think we are using data about you inappropriately please tell us and we’ll stop. However, we believe that we have a mutual legitimate interest in all our communications and any other way that we might occasionally use data.

You can contact us by calling Chris Webb on +44 7432 189 149 or emailing – or visit our Contact Us page for alternatives.

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